Ways to Improve Your Sex Life Using VR

Virtual reality is a new and exciting way to experience the world, but it can also be used for more than video games. It’s actually possible to use virtual reality technology in order to spice up your sex life!

Virtual Reality has been shown to help reduce performance anxiety and increase sexual arousal. There are plenty of ways that you can improve your sex life with VR: from watching porn on a giant screen while feeling like you’re there, or even interacting with other people so they feel like they’re right next door.

Keep reading for ways you can use VR to improve your sex.

How To Spice Up Your Intimate Moments With Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been a dream of the masses for decades. Now, it’s finally becoming a reality with Oculus Rift and other VR devices out in the market today. You can watch VR porn on your Oculus headset or other VR devices to truly enhance the experience. In the past, sex was all about you and your partner. You had to make sure that both of you were comfortable with the situation and felt safe. With a VR headset on, it’s not just about what is happening in front of you, but what you can see around you too!

Explore new places while doing something that feels good for both people involved.

1. It Can Be Used To Watch Adult Content Alone Or With Your Partner

One of the more enjoyed features of using VR for your sex life is the ability to watch porn but with a level of realness that didn’t previously exist. You can now enjoy your favorite adult films up close and personal. This has the ability to heighten sexual desire and arousal. Added to it is the bonus of being able to watch it alone or with your partner. It can be a new and spicy form of foreplay that you can include in your intimate arsenal. 

2. You Can Use Your VR Headset To Have Sex With Someone Who May Live In A Different Location

As with the ability to watch with a partner, you can use the VR landscape to create an intimate scene that allows you and a partner who may be in a different location the chance to be intimate. There are times where you may need to travel for work, in a long-distance relationship, or wanting liberated sex with someone you’ve recently met. All of these things can be addressed using VR to create those moments. It can be used to break that barrier of distance and help you to feel connected to your partner. The possibilities truly are endless with this feature. 

3. There Are Many Types Of Adult Content That You Can Explore

Humans are curious by nature, and this is true when it comes to sexual desires and pleasure. Often there are things you’d like to try, but maybe you’re afraid to bring it up to your partner, or you’d like to try it without going all the way first. Using VR also you need to have the experience first hand before you become physically invested. In this way, you can gauge if you want to explore something in more depth or if it’s not your cup of tea. A few things you may want to explore include: 

  1. a) Anal Sex – anal stimulation is often considered taboo or extreme, but it’s actually quite common and enjoyable for many people.
  2. b) BDSM – bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism is one of the most popular forms of sexual activity among adults and there are plenty of resources available on how to get started, including books and online communities.
  3. c) Role-playing – just because you’re not having sex doesn’t mean you’re not having fun! Adult role-playing games offer another way for couples to connect sexually while exploring their fantasies together.

4. VR Can Help You To Express Your Sexual Desires Without Fear Of Judgement

As mentioned, you can use virtual reality to augment your physical experiences. Meaning you can learn and explore without fear of judgment until you’re ready to share. Sometimes it can be hard to articulate what you want in bed, especially if you yourself aren’t clear about your desires. You can also use it to share the experience when you’re ready as a way to introduce your wants in your sexual relationships. 

5. Virtual Reality Isn’t Just Limited To Porn Either

The VR world isn’t limited to adult films either. You can read erotic fiction, visit chatrooms, roleplay games, and so on. You come into your sexual awakening with VR and become comfortable in the sensual side of yourself. 

There are many ways you can use VR to improve your sex life. It’s important to become more open and honest with yourself and your sexual needs to have a healthy love life. Using the world of virtual reality responsibly to explore that side of yourself can be highly beneficial and take your love life to new heights.