Prospect Logan Mailloux has withdrawn from this week’s NHL Draft following his conviction last year in Sweden for taking a photo of a woman performing a sex act without her consent and circulating it among some teammates.

“The NHL Draft should be one of the most exciting landmark moments in a player’s career, and given the circumstances I don’t feel I have shown strong enough maturity or character to earn that privilege in the 2021 Draft,” he wrote Tuesday in a statement on social media. “I feel that this would allow me the opportunity to demonstrate an adequate level of maturity and character next season … and provide all the NHL teams the opportunity to reassess my character towards the 2022 NHL Draft.”

The Athletic identified at least 11 teams that removed the defenseman from their list ahead of the 2021 NHL Draft, which runs from Friday to Saturday. Mailloux, 18, is ranked No. 23 among North American skaters by NHL Central Scouting.

On Nov. 7, 2020, while playing for SK Lejon in Skelleftea in northern Sweden, Mailloux took the photo without the woman’s consent and distributed it among some teammates. In December, he was issued a summary fine, akin to a conviction in Swedish court, for “Kränkande fotografering” (offensive photography constituting an invasion of privacy) and “Förtal” (defamation).

On Monday, the woman told The Athletic she has not forgiven Mailloux.

“I do not think that Logan has understood the seriousness of his behavior,” the woman wrote in an email. She added, “All I wanted was a heartfelt apology.”

In her email to The Athletic, the woman wrote that Mailloux sent an apology via text that “was no longer than three sentences.”

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