Portugal’s The Black Mamba will sing “Love Is On My Side” during the second semi-final of Eurovision 2021. The band have explained that their song is inspired by a sex worker they met in Amsterdam. She told the group that despite all the troubles in her life, love was always on her side.

The Black Mamba have no idea what’s happened to her since. So the, Amsterdam-based newspaper Het Parool has decided to find out and launch a search for the unnamed woman.

Dutch newspaper launches search for the sex worker that inspired The Black Mamba’s “Love Is On My Side”

The Portuguese group met the woman in 2018 while on tour in the Dutch capital. During their stay, they resided in a small hotel in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

Lead singer Pedro Tatanka tried to recall how they met the song’s protagonist to newspaper Het Parool:

“She said that she once was a young lady with dreams, but that her life had gone a different road than expected. She had gotten addicted and ended up in sex work.”

“She told us that excluding everything, she had always felt that the love was on her side. She came from Eastern Europe, sadly, I can’t recall which country exactly. She was already of an older age. Her story went back to Portugal with us and now through Eurovision back to the Netherlands.”

The group also use the story in their Eurovision 2021 stage act. The LED features an artistic interpretation of the woman walking through Amsterdam. In the graphics on display, the classic architecture of the Dutch capital is also clearly visible.

“[The hologram] is that exact woman, but when she is younger. We would like to meet her personally to tell her what her story did with us.”

The Black Mamba told Het Parool that they hope that she will notice the article.

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