Expert would be ‘surprised’ if drop in cases continues

As we reported earlier
(12.50 post), the UK on Sunday recorded a drop in daily COVID cases for the
fifth day in a row.

Dr Stephen Griffin, an associate professor in the School of
Medicine at the University of Leeds, has welcomed the drop – but says he would
be “surprised” if it continues.

He said: “Whilst this (the drop in cases) appears to be good
news, I would be surprised if we are likely to see a continuation of this
decline and there are many factors that one can speculate – and at present we
can only speculate – might have contributed to this.”

Ongoing coverage of the “pingdemic” means that a great
many people have been asked to self-isolate recently, he added.

This could have a “direct impact upon transmission”, he

He said: “Similarly, the large number of school bubbles that
have been closing may also have reduced transmission, plus we are now in the
holiday period, further reducing contacts.

“One troubling concern is that people might actively avoid
being put forward for testing as a result of messaging that minimises the
dangers of infection, or that vaccinated individuals with mild symptoms might
not realise they are infected; whilst the latter are likely to represent a
relatively small proportion of cases, this could still result in transmission
given current absence of restrictions.”

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