A pandemic seems to have failed to put a dampener on people’s love lives, with more Brits revealing they had more sex in the last year than previously, according to a recent poll.

The survey by Hunkemöller, examined the impact of the lockdowns on the nation’s relationships, as well as quizzing UK adults on their underwear purchases over the past 12 months.

One in ten (9%) revealed their sex life had become more exciting over the course of the past year, with a fifth of UK men stating they were enjoying more sex during the lockdowns (19%), compared to fifteen per cent of women. 

However, the past twelve months or so led to many couples spending more time together than ever before, putting a noticeable strain on even the most steadfast relationships. 

More than one in five (22%) of those surveyed said the pressure and stress of the pandemic had meant they’d had less sex over the last year according to the research.

The nation’s capital was crowned the UK’s sexiest city, with forty-three per cent of Londoners enjoying more sex, and a more exciting sex life in 2020. Incidentally, Londoners were also found to have been most likely to purchase sexy underwear sets during that timeframe (25%). 

Unfortunately for those residing in the Northern city of Manchester, 2020 was quite the opposite, with less sex and less exciting sex lives for almost half (43%) of those living there.

Despite not making an appearance on the list of the UK’s sexiest cities, Bristol gets a notable mention as the most adventurous city, boasting the highest number of residents (18%) found to have tried something new and spiced up their sex lives in the last year. 

For many couples, the past year has highlighted the need to slow down and appreciate each other more, with nearly half (47%) electing to spend more quality time together to maintain the romance in their relationship.

In true British fashion, the poll revealed that more than a third of Brits (37%) have turned to cups of tea to help rekindle the spark between themselves and their other half. 

The survey showed that men in relationships had been particularly eager to keep the romance alive, as double the number of men (18%) had made romantic gestures in a bid to rekindle the spark in their relationship than women (9%).

Ways in which UK adults have rekindled the “spark” with their other half over the past 12 months.

Spent more quality time together 47% 
Made them cups of tea/food 37% 
Had romantic meals at home 33% 
Said ‘I love you’ more 25% 
Helping out around the home 24% 
Cuddled more 23% 
Sent nice messages to them/expressed more kindness 21% 
Bought them presents 20% 
Played games together 19% 
Increased physical touch (handholding, hugs kisses) 19% 

Hunkemöller say they saw of sales of lingerie from their Private Collection double in the UK in 2020 following lockdown, when compared to sales from previous year. 

Charlotte Davies – Global Design and Buying Director for Hunkemöller said: “Despite the challenges that many have faced in the last year, we’re pleased to see that so many UK couples have been making the most of their time together, with some even revealing they’ve been having better relationship experiences over the past year than ever before.

“As a brand, Hunkemöller is all about female empowerment and inclusivity, and whether they’re in a relationship, dabbling in the world of dating, or spending some much coveted time on themselves, we want every woman – and man – to look and feel their most beautiful self – especially when it comes to their underwear. 

“Understandably, we were so delighted to see such a substantial rise in people making purchases over the past year from our Private Collection, a selection of more daring underwear choices that we’ve carefully designed with confidence, empowerment and seduction in mind.”

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