Condoms aimed at gardening-loving mature Brits are being put on sale in some garden centers with the idea of encouraging the older generations to continue practicing safe sex.

The odd range of gardening-themed condoms – naughtily nicknamed “hornicultural” prophylactics – were developed to counter the rising number of STIs, especially among people over the age of 65. They come in garden seed-style packaging and will be available in six innuendo-laden fruit and vegetable themes including plums, aubergine, avocado, artichokes, courgettes and onions.

Even stranger is the fact that the condoms are made from a sustainable material and can be left in compost to biodegrade, presumably in preparation for sowing seeds next spring.

The relationship charity Relate is behind ‘The Hornicultural Society’ campaign, which hopes to end the stigma for older generations in regards to talking about sex. Research has found that 51 percent of Brits find it difficult to have conversations about intercourse, with adults avoiding the topic because it makes them feel awkward. Two-thirds think there is a reluctance to talk about STIs among the older demographic.

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