A BRITISH Afghan woman living in England fears the Taliban will kidnap her niece and force her to become a sex slave.

Umaira, who has lived in Hull since 2009, also revealed her sister-in-law died while fleeing Afghanistan on the second day of the Taliban takeover.


Umaira, who has lived in Hull since 2009, has spoken of her fear for her family in AfghanistanCredit: MEN Media

She was in a taxi with Umaira’s brother on the way to the airport when she suffered a fatal heart attack. 

Her grief-stricken family had to return home and bury her the following day.

Each time the Taliban raid the family’s home they stare lewdly at Umaira’s 20-year-old niece, she said.

She is now terrified for her family’s safety as the militants seal their grip on Afghanistan.


Umaira told Hull Live: “She is a beautiful girl and we are all so worried that one day they will come and take her.

“Nobody can sleep at night, they stay awake and sit on the roof at night to see if anyone is coming into the house.

“If anyone comes, nobody can say or do anything to them.

“They are not looking for wives, they are looking for sex slaves. They are older men who want five or six girls.”

Horrific stories have emerged in recent weeks of Taliban fighters hunting for sex slaves as they swept across Afghanistan.

It comes as 13 US troops and at least 95 Afghans were killed in an ISIS terror blast at Kabul airport.

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Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said today the UK’s evacuation process was in its final hours.

But around 150 Brits are not expected to get out in time after the airport gates were sealed this morning.

Umaira says she is living in fear every second of her life, afraid of what will happen to her family back home.

She is a beautiful girl and we are all so worried that one day they will come and take her


She said her nephew has not been able to speak or eat due to the trauma of losing his mother.

Desperate Umaira said “If anything happens to my family, I don’t want it. I don’t want this life.

“I am not even asking for them to be able to come to the UK, anywhere is fine. As long as they escape, any place is fine.”

She revealed the Taliban have repeatedly visited her family’s home in Afghanistan and falsely accused them of storing guns as her cousin had worked in security.

Umaira said she is begging for help and hopes her family will be able to escape the terror back home.

She is currently being supported by local charity, Hull Sisters.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says there is only a ‘matter of hours’ left to evacuate those remaining in Afghanistan from Kabul airport