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  • While most books fall into major genres, some authors mix them for fun twists on classic tropes.
  • The novels below blend fantasy and romance for magical love stories.
  • We used bestseller lists and Goodreads recommendations to find the best fantasy romance books.

While many books fall into one major genre, like historical fiction or horror, authors also cross genre lines to mix elements from different tropes into one great story. Fantasy romance novels still have the mythical creatures, unique worlds, and magic we expect, but also contain sweet or steamy romance plots intertwined with plenty of adventure

To collect the best fantasy romance novels, we searched award-winning titles, bestsellers, and favorites among readers on Goodreads and TikTok. So whether you’re looking for a high fantasy adventure with a little romance sprinkled in or a swoon-worthy romance lightly laced with magic, here are the best fantasy romance novels to read in 2022.

The 19 best fantasy romance books in 2022:

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