Intimacy and love can be challenging. While some people adore romance, the rest don’t desire to spice up their relationships in any way. Although they don’t fall in love with their life partner, but that doesn’t mean they don’t create close bonds and have meaningful interactions with them. It has nothing to do with romance. They can simply not find their partner attractive romantically. Similar to this, certain zodiac signs dislike romance in relationships. They have no clue on how to make their partner feel loved and adored in a romantic way.

Check out these 4 zodiac signs who don’t love romance in a relationship.


Aquarius is attracted to intellect as a companion and only enjoys spending time with those who have intriguing things to say. They view their partner’s romantic relationship as an inconsequential aspect of their partnership and are not fond of it. They make decisions with their intellect, not their hearts, thus it takes them longer to have faith in an irrational connection like romance.


As one of the fluid zodiac signs, Geminis are constantly on the move and get side-tracked easily, which might occasionally cause them to neglect their romantic connection. Instead of making romantic gestures, they think that impressing their partner with their intelligence and overall positivity is more important. They are hopeless romantics who can’t approach their relationship in a charming way.


Virgos suppress their emotions out of concern for their vulnerability and potential for harm in a relationship. They thus dislike romantic intimacy in relationships, which is clearly a result of their inability to emotionally connect with their partner. They might not have a reputation for being romantically endearing, but they are unquestionably loyal to the people they love.


Capricorns take their time falling in love and will only contemplate a relationship if they believe it has long-term promise. They struggle to focus their romantic emotions on their partner because they are goal-oriented people. This can make their companion feel left out and distanced in their relationship.

Due to their personality traits, some zodiac signs may choose to reject love and romance in general. However, their aromantic nature does not prevent them from expressing their love and respect for their companions.

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