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My appointment calendar is filing up, and it looks to be another busy season for weddings, perhaps more so due to rescheduled ceremonies from last year. Still, every year seems full because love, romance and weddings are still very much a part of the human condition.

The words of love have been written for centuries, from prophets to poets, so there’s little I can add, but I’ve seen love fully illustrated by the couples I’ve counseled and married over the years. Of the many attributes I’ve observed in loving couples, the one that really strikes me, and I think sustains them, is faith.

Like faith in a higher power, that sort of belief without evidence, it is the trusting leap couples make not only in their own judgment and feelings, but that of the other person as well. They are “all in” in the most sincere and confident sense. They exhibit no hesitation or doubt. How nice to be so sure of love!

I always enjoy hearing stories of how couples first met, and especially when they first knew that the other person was “the one.” Some initial encounters were coincidence and unplanned. (Yes, some couples still meet in the produce aisle at Wegmans!) A surprising number were the result of online dating sites. For some, it was an almost immediate and overwhelming realization.

Others cultivated friendships, or had long courtships, before they too had the unshakeable faith that they had found their forever person. Only the eventual, unshakeable belief in their love allowed them to make such an audacious leap into a lifetime of commitment. I hope that for those who have found profound love for a special someone, you continually celebrate that great gift and never take it for granted. And for those on the journey towards love, have faith.

The Rev. Larry Crinnin is an ordained priest in the Independent Catholic Church. His ministries include weddings, baptisms, funerals, and care for the elderly.

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