Nick Viall was caught giving out relationship advice to his Bachelor fans on Instagram. The heartthrob of ABC’s hit show is hoping he can help some of his followers find the same type of love and happiness he has with Natalie Joy.

Nick’s previous dating experience was not all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it was downright rocky until he met Natalie. Bachelor fans will remember Nick from season 21 after his two-season run on The Bachelorette. He and Natalie made their relationship official after months of low-key dating but went Instagram official back in January. Bachelor Nation has had a love/hate relationship with Nick since 2014 when he fell for Andi Dorfman. Nick then almost proposed to Kaitlyn Bristowe but was turned down. During his time on The Bachelor, he became engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi, but the couple split after less than a year. Fans are wondering what exactly qualifies Nick to dole out relationship advice.

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Nick took to his Instagram to participate in Questions with Nick, where he answered some of his followers’ most burning questions. One supporter asked how to not bring past insecurities into their new relationship. Nick first answered that it was good to recognize that there were issues from the past, saying, “You just have to communicate them to your partner.” According to Nick, it also helps to have them acknowledged by your spouse in hopes that you both can work on them together. The ABC star also spoke on toxic relationships.

Another fan shared that her current boyfriend’s best friend, who was a girl, didn’t want to meet her because she used to have feelings. Nick made it clear that this fan needed to have her boyfriend deal with the issue he caused. Some other advice Nick shared was that every relationship is meant to be different, but you should not be afraid to bring up any concerns since answers will always be telling of a person’s motives. The topic of staying friends with a former crush came up with Nick adamantly saying that you don’t get to have your cake and eat it too. The Bachelor star shared that it’s not healthy to keep former loves or crushes in your life.

Nick’s advice wasn’t half bad, which surprised some of his followers. The Bachelor star may have learned a lesson or two from his past relationships. Now, he and Natalie just welcomed a new member to the family; a cute furry dog! The doodle mix is named Jeff and had already been featured on their accounts. As many viewers are aware, dogs are the first step to serious commitment, and there could possibly be a wedding in the future. And with such a good head on his shoulders, hopefully he takes his own advice.

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