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How We Met

We asked readers to submit stories about how they met their significant others. Here are some of your success stories! 

Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.

Patricia and Jon

“Long before online dating, there was Great Expectations (aka GE). Jon and I were secure in our jobs and, unknowingly to the other, joined GE a month apart, ready to settle down in marriage. While GE is now a personal matchmaking service, back then clients did much of the work. Our bio profiles and three essay responses were laminated back-to-back with four professional photos, then placed in alphabetical binders on shelves at the GE office. VCR tapes of recorded interviews with a GE staffer completed the package and gave more clues as to our communication styles. All bases were covered.

I spent many weekends poring through binders and watching videos to find The One. GE sent postcards to my chosen prospects to confirm, yay or nay, date or no date. Over time, there were eight prospects, mostly one date only. That is, until Jon and I spoke one Sunday. On Wednesday, we arranged a Friday dinner date. On Friday, I called to let him know my cat was hospitalized after being near death. (She survived!) He was so caring and understanding and suggested we cancel. I said I needed to be with people. We met that night, and as the hostess led us to the table, I knew he was The One. I just knew.

This year, we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Our framed bios and photos hang in our bedroom as a reminder of how our love story began with the J and the P binders.”



Virginia and Tom

Virginia and Tom met for the first time in the sixth grade before reconnecting years later.  (Courtesy of Virginia Riedinger)

“It was 1943 when a cute Wenatchee boy showed up in my sixth grade Magnolia classroom. We were attracted to each other almost instantly. This year was the start of boy-girl parties, and Tom invited me to go skating with him at the Civic Ice Arena (which later became Mercer Arena), where a group of us spent Saturday mornings. We also rode the bus to a few Rainier baseball games at Sick’s Stadium, and several movies at the 5th Avenue Theatre. Although we never hugged, held hands nor kissed, we were known to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

After World War II ended and my father returned from service overseas, our family moved to Tacoma and Tom’s family moved back to Wenatchee. We didn’t correspond through the following years, but we didn’t forget each other either.

Six years later, I got a call from someone purporting to be Tom. At first I didn’t believe him, but he explained he’d met a high school friend of mine who told him she knew all about him. She said I’d confided to her about my grade school romances. Tom realized this warranted a phone call, and he happened to reach me on the day I returned from freshman quarter at Stanford. Two years later I was persuaded to transfer schools, and we both graduated from the University of Washington in 1954. We were married a week later on June 19.

Other than two years with the Air Force in California, we have lived in Washington state all our lives, primarily in Seattle. With our immediate family now numbering 27, including five children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, we celebrated 67 years of marriage on June 19.

Our grade school romance is still going strong!”