Love-filled romances to stream on Hulu

There’s nothing like love and romance on the silver (streaming) screen to ignite passion, fill your heart or comfort the soul. And lucky for us, streaming platforms abound, which means watching romance movies on Hulu has never been easier. Whether you’re revisiting the love stories among the best movies of all time, looking for a Valentine’s Day movie to stream or are desperately in need of a romantic comedy movie to lighten the mood, love-filled films are flourishing in both mainstream Hollywood and indie film circuits.

To help those wondering how to be romantic (or those planning what to watch once they’re home from the most romantic Valentine’s Day restaurants), we’ve compiled 35 of the best romance movies available to watch on Hulu. From personal portraits, period pieces and laugh-out-loud comedies to dramas new and old, straight and queer, these films span a lot of things, but they have one thing in common: They’re filled with love and sure to warm the heart.

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By admin